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Anthony Corns

Technical Manager

I graduated in Geology & Physical Geography BSc (Hons.) from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1997. Following this I obtained an MSc in Geographic Information Science from The University of Edinburgh in 1999, researching the predictive modeling of burst water mains in conjunction with United Utilities. In 2005 I was elected a full member of the Institute of Irish Surveyors and am a member of IRLOGI (Irish Organisation for Geographical Information).

I worked for the Royal Commission of the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) where I was GIS technician for the First Edition Survey Project (FESP).

I began work with the Discovery Programme in January 2001 as GIG/IT Manager where I have extend and improved the impact GIS has to make on many of the disciplines within archaeological research. Research projects within the Discovery Programme that I have initiated or collaborated on include:

  • Development of GIS techniques and standards for the analysis and visualisation of archaeological monuments and landscapes.
  • Research and development of the establishment and use of spatial data infrastructures (SDI) in cultural heritage
  • Digital archiving methodology and practices in cultural heritage
  • Development of remote survey techniques for the three dimensional recording of monuments and landscapes, including digital photogrammetry, and high resolution airborne LiDAR.
  • Advanced 3 dimensional modeling of artefacts, monuments and landscapes.
  • Application and development of geophysical techniques and methodology in the recording of subsurface archeological features.
  • Development of excavation and field work databases and data standards
  • Construction of Cultural Portal Software for the use in construction of Heritage.
  • Development of Web Applications for the open access to archaeological data
  • Development of appropriate techniques for the creation of historic landscape charaterisation.
  • European Project Experience:
    • Participation in EU IST 5th framework research project (Heritage for All)
    • Management committee for COST Action A27: Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes (LANDMARKS)
    • Member of Irish Steering Committee for DARIAH
    • Currently management member and major contributor to the Culture 2007-2013 funded ArchaeoLandscapes project running from 2010-2016.


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